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TikTok takes down a video about Uighur Muslims

Other the most recent day or somewhere in the vicinity, a TikTok “makeup tutorial” video that was really a call for watchers to explore the confinement of Uighur Muslims in China became famous online on and off the stage. Be that as it may, as The Guardian and others announced, TikTok incidentally restricted the profile of the adolescent who made the video. As indicated by her, this isn’t the first run through the platform has attempted to censor her profile for talking about the issue.

 TikTok offered a public apology and a detailed timeline of events, where it claims that the ban was not related to the topic of this video. To abridge, the organization’s variant of occasions is that two weeks back her previous profile was prohibited for a mocking video that included a picture of Osama Bin Laden as it damaged “strict” policies against terrorist figures. At that point, after the Uighur/eyebrow curling video, a different sweep prohibiting gadgets attached to accounts that had just been restricted had the impact of keeping her out of her new record. At that point, a “human moderation error” brought about the video going offline for around 50 minutes.

It’s a nitty-gritty clarification that for some will be difficult to accept. Feroza, the teenager who made the video, tweeted “do I believe they took it away because of an unrelated satirical video that was deleted on a previously deleted account of mine? Right after I finished posting a 3 part video about the Uyghurs? No.” 

The occurrence likewise happens as US regulators are investigating TikTok’s parent organization ByteDance, and its associations with the Chinese government. As indicated by a report today from Reuters, ByteDance has tried endeavours to isolate TikTok from quite a bit of its Chinese tasks and is setting up a group in Mountain View, CA to direct administration of information in the US.

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