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Lego Trolls Tesla with Shatterproof Truck

Shatterproof Truck

Lego trolls Tesla with the shatterproof truck.

The unpleasant incident that occurred at the launch of the new electric Cybertruck of Tesla has made the company a subject of multiple jokes.

The trolls from the competing manufacturers to common users of the products have attacked Elon Musk’s company, however, an unlikely rival has also joined the league.

The toy manufacturer—Lego known for its famous interlocking plastic bricks, has shared its own version of a futuristic vehicle, trolling at Tesla with the claim that their product is guaranteed shatterproof. The toy company has also posted on their social media handle on Facebook—a Lego brick with 4 wheels attached to it.

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On the 22nd of November, the Tesla unveiled its Cybertruck that went embarrassingly wrong, when the impact-proof windows smashed, leaving Elon Musk frustrated and making him flounder through the rest of his presentation in front of the badly damaged electric truck.

The Tesla co-founder revealed the all-electric battery-powered Tesla Cybertruck in California on Thursday, asking staff to shoot and attack at the truck with sledgehammers and bullets shot from a 9mm gun.

But the demonstration did not go entirely as per the plan after one assistant threw a steel ball bearing at the truck—and it resulted in glass smash.

After two days it was revealed that there have been nearly 150,000 orders so far for the electric Cybertruck.

Musk mentioned in a tweet that 146,000 Cybertruck orders have been received so far, with 42percent choosing dual, 41percent opting for tri and 17percent asking for the single motor. He also added separately that these orders were achieved without any advertising or paid endorsements.

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