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Tilt Brush: Now on Oculus Rift

Tilt Brush

Virtual reality is the new “it” thing and everyone is jumping on the future bandwagon. Tilt Brush when released was one of the most fun, immersive and highly impressive VR tech demons for HTC vive. It is now available on other VR platforms. The demo lets one create and paint artwork in a 3D space environment. At first, porting it to a VR world of Oculus Rift did not seem practical at all. After all there are practical implications to it as well. However, when the company got to shipping its touch controllers the entire idea became more practical. The touch controllers are now available to people and everyone should buy them, according to us. Google has launched Tilt Brush in the Oculus Rift store for $29.99.

Tilt Brush puts artistic expression at the front

It is common consent for players to experience this across identical platforms. One advantage of Tilt Brush on Oculus is the ability to rest finger on the controller’s touch sensitive button. This helps in previewing art strokes of paint, light, fire, stars or other amazing tools that Tilt Brush has to offer. This preview helps in selection before pressing down to add them into the 3D canvas being made by the user. Colors and palettes are always a hassle to manage. Oculus and Vive are making it easier for managing and preserving color palette for each project.

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One drawback of this is that the multiplayer mode is still now out. Google did announce working on something back in September 2016. For people expecting it to be on PlayStation VR, there is bad news. The app developers say that ,“there are some things about PSVR that make it more challenging than PC-based VR for Tilt Brush. Right now the tracking is not really up to what we need as a creative team.”

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