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Tizen 4.0 OS Revealed By Samsung Electronics

Tizen 4.0 OS has been revealed by Samsung Electronics. It has more variety in its applications compared to its previous operating systems.

This news was exposed in San Francisco in Tizen Developers Conference. The latest version was shown which offers more to the users and it is applicable with not just smartphones but also TVs and other devices.

Tizen Developers Conference started in the year 2012 when the first open-source Tizen 1.0 was announced by the company. It’s been almost 5 years now that Samsung was using Linux-based Tizen models for its smartphones. Now Tizen 4.0 has further explored its dimensions, it has not restricted itself to the smartphones. It has extended its application in devices like bulbs, thermostats, and scales.

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The company also displayed its Z4 Smartphone. Z1 was launched in January 2015 and from then onwards the company has been comping wi better models in its smartphone.

Samsung will work in collaboration with Microsoft to provide the developers with development tools and languages so that they are able to develop Tizen apps.