Instagram Copies Snapchat By Adding Face Filter Feature To Its App

Snapchat stories feature was copied by first Instagram and then WhatsApp. That is old story. The new news is that Instagram has added the peculiar face tracking filters exactly like the filters Sanpchat offers. Users can change their picture and chose from editing options like koala ears to math equation now available on Instagram. These features were already present in Snapchat. Apart from these Instagram is offering a rewind mode for videos where users can watch videos in reverse. Also hashtag stickers are offered as yet another option for the users.

From the revenue point of view, Snapchat’s sponsored face filters are a source of huge money while Instagram still needs to get its filters sponsored.

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As per Kevin Weil, Instagram’s head of product this is the way business work. He did acknowledge Snapchat introducing features like Stories, and face filter options in to the industry, but he said this would be embraced globally by technology companies.

Truth is that WhatsApp and Instagram has diverse users while Snapchat users are limited. This does not mean that the social media applications should imitate each other. Competition means bringing something new and better in to the technology industry. First the stories feature and now face filter feature has been copied. This indicates that Instagram needs people with innovative mind in their company.

Image via: AdEspresso