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Top 10 Chinese Phones Dominating The Global Market


The world is diverse, dynamic and always moving toward change. There is nothing and nobody as motionless or still in this ever transforming globe. Mobile tech market was dominated by Panasonic, Sanyo, Bosch, Fuji, then this changed and Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson took the place, now Apple, Samsung and LG rule the mobile market.

Recently this too is changing as Chinese phone makers have suddenly emerged and are gaining popularity. We will discuss the top ten mobile brands of China in this article.

  1. Alcatel OneTouch/TCL:

This Chinese company is the sixth largest mobile company in the world.  They have recently increased their business marketing in US and Canada giving other mobile brands a tough time. Also they have launched a smart watch which is compatible with Apple and Android.

  1. Xiaomi:

Xiaomi is the biggest Chinese Smartphone company around the world, in the recent times. Its strength is its price, it sells the most reliable and dependable smartphones in half the price compared to Android phones. This has created third place for Ximoi in Android market share list.

  1. Lenovo:

Lenovo was an established name in laptops and computers but then it emerged as a global smartphone company. It made its place after acquiring Motorola as the 4th most sold phone globally.

  1. Coolpad:

After XIoami and Lenovo, Coolpad sells most devices in China, even more than Apple and Samsung. It rules 11.5% of smartphone market and holds the 7th place in the world as the most bought smartphone.

  1. Gionee:

This Chinese smartphone brand is not established much but it is working day and night to bring its place in top five smartphone companies in the next five years. It has made place in Indian market and looking to expand it in upcoming years.

  1. Huawei:

Huwaei holds the 6th position in smartphone shipment around the world. True, it has lost its touch compared to Xiaomi but it expects to raise its shipment in this year by a third to around 100 million units.

  1. OPPO:

OPPO having dual selfie camera in its releases, OPPO F3 and OPPO F3 plus is making place in global market through its innovation and better designs rather than price. This is something new and encouraging in Chinese Phones.

  1. ZTE:

In US, ZTE Corporation in the fourth largest and second biggest company in supplying prepaid devices. This is a big achievement, though now it should develop itself in other markets as well.

  1. OnePlus:

It is a stylish slim phone, just like Android phones. The unique selling point of the company is that they sell phone and distribute them through personal invitation.

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  1. Tecno:

Chinese companies have their eye on Africa for their smartphone growth and investment. Tecno has made its place in Nigeria. It is inexpensive, reliable and user friendly.

These 10 smartphone Chinese companies can soon make life difficult for big smartphone brands like iPhone and Samsung.

Image via: Android Headlines