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Flaws In IPhone And Samsung Has Created A Space For A New Better Mobile Brand

There is a constant war between the two big technology tycoons in the world, Apple and Samsung. We cannot deny the strengths of both these companies, but flaws remain stagnant in both Apple IPhone and Samsung Phones which compel the users to look for other options. The loophole in both these companies has created a market for another mobile brand which can use the strengths of both these leading businesses, remove their flaws and bring a new option for the users.

Random Shutdowns, battery issues, overheating of the mobile phone, poor camera quality are the few basic problems that numerous users have complained in IPhone. Other than these the complicated process of using ITunes to transfer data and not being able to use Bluetooth other than within Apple devices is a huge disadvantage.

Similarly, the battery issues in Samsung, touch screen getting irresponsive, screen cracks and the obvious extremely expensive price has created Samsung not an ideal option for users anymore.

There are other brands that have come up but not any brand has been able to make its mark like IPhone and Samsung. Each comes with flaws that cannot be ignored. Some are extremely slow; few have poor picture quality while others are not slim and sleek like Samsung and IPhone Phones.

New SnapDragon Chip for Mediocre Phone Brands

There has been a chip introduced by Qualcomm called as the Snapdragon 630 and 660 chip. If midrange phones add this chip it will improve the Wi-Fi speed, provide faster LTE and a much better image processor. This can make normal mobile brands to compete with Apple and Samsung, maybe even beat them with better quality.

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What is Required?

What we need is a mobile brand that is ready to face the already established and globally acknowledged mobile companies, Apple and Samsung. A brand that is not afraid to experiment. That can take the positives out of Samsung and Apple, such as camera quality of Samsung and privacy and security advantage present in iPhone. A brand that has the courage to work on the flaws that both these companies are not able to fix. A brand that can take help of the newly available snapdragon chip to improve itself. We, the users do need a phone we don’t have to change every year. We need a phone that bring perfection in all possible ways for us.


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