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Top 3 WordPress security issues you must know and get your site protected

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WordPress is the most common and most popular blogging and content management system (CMS). There are millions of WordPress websites live on the internet. It is most easy to use and the most speedy and user friendly software in this internet age.

The other side of the picture is that WordPress also has many loopholes where the danger comes in from. While it has many advantages and good points it also has some weaknesses you must know and keep yourself vigilant about the possible mishaps.

Although WordPress is the platform which is updates frequently to escape from the internet threats that are known but its not really possible to look into each and every aspect of possible threat areas, here are some weaknesses that WordPress platform has;

  1. Attacks and URL hacks in WordPress.
    The WordPress CMS executes scripts from server side in the PHP web language, using commands sent via what are called URL parameters to control the behavior of the MySQL databases that store your site’s data.

The execution of PHP scripts from server-side, using commands that are sent by URL parameters in order to control Databases (MySQL) which is filled with site data has the vulnerabilities.

Basically, you need to understand the web coding structures in order to keep your site safe. The above mentioned type of structure has vulnerabilities to various types of web attacks. Internet hackers can inject malicious codes into databases using those URL parameters. Once the hackers are able to get the information they are able to remove or replace the content of your site or inject other spamming redirections and malwares.

In order to protect you site from such attacks you need to modify your .htaccess file and change the behaviour of your website interaction towards URL requests. If you are not sure how to do this, get expert web developer’s help to do it.

  1. Free WordPress themes are vulnerable
    As the WordPress platform has the biggest advantage of installing the free available themes and plugins but it sometimes go risky. Many coders can redistribute free themes and plugins and inject undetectable and encrypted malicious codes into the themes.

In order to be protected from this you should only download files from the sources that are trusted. Although it cannot be said with 100% confidence that paid themes are totally free of malicious codes but these are lot less risky than free themes. But if you really need to install free themes and plugins make sure you scan them properly with effective antivirus programs before installing them into your WordPress.

  1. WordPress’s login process is also vulnerable
    Almost all the WordPress sites have the login dashboard located at the same URL address which makes it easier to approach login area. WordPress also applies secure login process. These types of platforms are open to brute force attacks in which spam bots are used to try different login combinations that might be successful if the password is weak or having common combination.

In order to protect your website from such attacks you need to limit the login attempts, you may also consider changing the default login URL, you can also block IP’s that try unsuccessful login attempts. You can do all these things by installing WordPress security plugin named “SUCURI”

If you are running your site on WordPress, you should always be aware of security threats and keep your website protected by these possible threats.

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