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Top 4 Must Have Business Management Tools In 2021

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Business management tools are integral to a multitude of work areas including prototype creation, project management, collaboration, and workflow management.

Whether you’re managing an enterprise or a start-up, handling a horde of tasks at once can get tedious and burdensome. Demanding and problematic functions can be a great hindrance to the success of your enterprise. With the right business management tools, gliding through daily operations will be a much-welcomed reality.

Every enterprise comes with a plethora of tasks including time management, task management, business intelligence, budget management, document sharing, and much more. To adequately streamline these processes is a herculean feat. 

Professional business management tools can not only cater to the requirements and functionalities needed but also change the overall modus operandi of the enterprise, helping it run smoothly and efficiently.

To serve distinctive business needs, there are designated business management tools present in the market. 

Here is a categorised list of the best business tools to help navigate through the ceaseless ocean of business management software. These industry-leading tools are necessary for comprehending organizational assets, project management, and business processes.

1 Tracktime24

Tracktime24 allows you to not only closely monitor employees’ clock-ins and clock-outs but also their active working hours including breaks. Allowing you to prepare detailed timesheets with a single click- Tracktime24 is a work time tracker that can plan work schedules, produce online leave management, and keep track of overtime.

This panoramic time management app allows you to set limits and requirements for employees when it comes to breaks and helps the company monitor attendance data. 

It includes hassle-free tools such as a work time tracker, a schedule maker, leave management, and business travel management. Unapproved absences and chronic lateness by staff members will wholly be eliminated with the usage of Tracktime24.

It allows for simplistic delegation of employees, by creating discussion channels for business trips by accessing detailed storage in a dedicated space.

It resounds economic improvement by monitoring actual working hours and cutting costs of manual scheduling. Gaining managerial control while identifying unreliability, leads to a streamlined process of time management that results in an effective, restructured- work process.


JIRA is a workflow plotting and project mapping software that is engineered to aid software development teams of all dimensions and businesses. This tool holds many competencies including project reporting tools and burnout charts. It is well equipped as an all-encompassing planning tool, helping companies at different stages of the development cycle.

JIRA can integrate with an assortment of developer tools and is obtainable as both an on-premise as well as a cloud-based solution. This software harnesses the ability to visualize work in real-time while closely managing bugs and defects. It offers customizable dashboards and presents a user- experience that is highly refined.

3 Trello

Engineered to suit unique work methodologies and needs in the workplace, Trello is a project management application that is web-based. It deals with the customization of functionality to meet specific management needs. Trello helps teams metamorphose ideas into actions by possessing the ability to integrate with over 100 applications including Google Drive and Jira. 

Organisation is made simple with the use of labels, categories, and tags. It also contains mobile functionality that allows on-the-go access to boards. With visuals and text that appropriate to different screen sizes, it offers a drag and drop functionality that makes the user experience effectively streamlined.

4 Connecteam

Connecteam is a prominent business management software solution, intended for business enterprises that have teams working remotely. With resilient features that can be used at any time while being accessible anywhere, Connecteam makes business management and supervision stress-free. It offers a host of features including proficiency in task management, scheduling of jobs, automation of checklists, and creation of surveys.

Connecteam offers GPS-powered time tracking with real-time reports that are highly detailed while also lending itself to well-organized management of timesheets and processing of payrolls.

From intuitive and simplistic job scheduling to planning and distribution, Connecteam lays it all out on a sleek, user-friendly interface.

The selection of software will entirely depend on your business nature, business processes, company size, current software, and workflow. These are the top 6 business management tools that offer features and functionalities helping businesses restructure their workflow and create a streamlined work process resulting in the betterment and success of the enterprise.

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  1. I have been using Restyaboard for years. This could be the best free cloud-based Business Management software for all sizes of businesses in 2021. The one-stop tool for Project Management, Team Management, Task Management, Productivity, Time Tracking, Collaboration and more.

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