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Top 5 Sites to Download Mobile Wallpapers free

In this article, we will tell our readers about the top 5 sites to download mobile wallpapers for free.

Mobiles Wall

This site is just dedicated to wallpapers. The amazing thing about it is that you will find categories which make it easier to find the perfect mobile wallpaper. The quality of the wallpaper is high and it is very easy to download. You can download wallpapers as per the size of your mobile display.

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Here is the link of the site

Link: http://www.mobileswall.com/


Zedge is a site that allows users to search the wallpapers for your device. This means that the size and quality of the wallpaper are perfect. For this open the device selector page here and then type the phone in the text area. Then find the correct model from the list.

Also on the right side of every page, there is a Family filter toggle button to make sure that one can view safe wallpapers.

Link: https://www.zedge.net/wallpapers


Mobile9 offers a huge collection of wallpapers. If you want you can search through all the mobile wallpapers or click on the phone section to find a suitable device.

Find amazing wallpapers here https://gallery.mobile9.com/topic/?ty=wallpapers

Free HD wallpapers

This website also offers some interesting free wallpapers in HD. From free make wallpapers to abstract art, fantasy, sunset, food, symphony, you will find a variety of options.


This site offers 28 categories of images for desktop and a filter to display images for more than 60 mobile platforms. You can download the wallpaper as per your choice.

Link: http://wallpaperswide.com/

Pros and Cons of the Wallpapers

Each of the above-mentioned sites offers amazing mobile wallpapers. I do like the Zedge.net family filter toggle button. This ensures that no weird or vulgar wallpaper pops up.

About the Free HD wallpapers, there is a disadvantage as wallpapers are both for mobile and desktop versions so it is a little jumbled. It won’t be easy for you to find what you are looking for.