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China Replaces PUBG With Chinese Game


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the most famous action mobile games which has recently received a global hit, the game is like Fortnite in which 100 players fight for survival.

The Chinese tech company Tencent had previously licensed the game from South Korean developers and the company was testing the mobile app version in China. However, the company was unable to gain necessary approval by the Chinese authorities.

The company Tencent was testing a mobile app version in China and said that almost 70 million people were playing PUBG in China, however, the company was unable to approve in-app purchases from the authorities which were the only option to make money in China.

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The Players in China have been offered a state-approved alternative by Tencent according to a post on Weibo. The company announced that PUGB is shutting down in China and players could download the Chinese alternative instead called “Force For Peace”.

The game is similar to PUBG but it focuses more on social themes and removes some violence themes from the game. According to the game analyst Cui Chenyu, the game is almost identical to PUBG including graphic designs, characters, background, and gameplay. The Game, “Force For Peace” would allow users to brought forward their rankings and in-game items from PUBG Mobile into the new game.

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