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Top Electric Cars In 2021: Tesla Comes Below Average

Electric SUVs

With an annual study on reliability, the US organization Consumer Reports provides a ranking of cars based on user reviews. Noticeable this year: electric cars in SUV format only performed below average, Tesla landed in penultimate place.

Tesla Ranks below average Among Electric SUVs

As an industry driver and climber among automakers, Tesla is sure to attract special attention. Now the company is leading a category that I would have liked to be without the limelight. In this year’s Consumer Report on automobiles, the US company came in 27th, just one position ahead of the bottom-list Lincoln.

According to the study, a closer look at the ranking also reveals a general trend in relation to the category of electric cars in SUV format. According to the consumer organization, all-electric SUVs are the worst-rated category, with a “below average reliability”. From the point of view of Consumer Reports, a widespread belief must be dispelled. Electric models have fewer drive components, so on average, there are fewer problems in this area. However, the manufacturers are installing a lot of new technology in their models, which also brings new problems.

“The members report more problems with the vehicle electronics and electrical systems than with the electric drive train,” said the study organizers, emphasizing that this applies to all price categories: “especially for luxury models such as the Audi E-Tron and the Tesla Model X “. To save my honor, it should be mentioned: The Model 3 can achieve an average rating.

Good and bad

The Consumer Report tries to map the reliability of cars by rating 320,000 vehicles in 17 categories, ranging from screeching brakes and broken interior panels to major problems with drive systems. The top ranking back up this year, the models Lexus GX, Kia Niro EV, and Toyota Prius Prime, at the other end Tesla Model Y, Chrysler Pacifica, and Subaru Ascent up the rear. Lexus, Mazda, and Toyota come off best when looking at the manufacturers’ overall ratings.