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Intel Boss Hints Aggressive Growth Ahead

At Intel, you can now see the first fruits of efforts to get production back on track. Group boss Pat Gelsinger still has big plans that should be implemented as quickly as possible. The starting position was anything but ideal – “with a decade full of bad decisions that cannot be fixed overnight,” as he now noted, according to a report by the US magazine CNet. However, it shows that the company has bottomed out and Intel is noticeably gaining strength again.

Building new manufacturing facilities is a key to future developments. Intel is currently building two new factories in which around 20 billion dollars are being invested. From the year 2024, the most modern designs should be able to be manufactured here. Un before the end of this year, the group wants to lash down the location for a completely new location, in whose development up to 100 billion dollars will then flow.

Aggressive growth

These amounts of capital are gigantic, but Gelsinger’s plans can hardly be implemented with less. So Intel wants to make the main contribution to bringing the world market share of the USA in chip production back to the previous level. In 1990 37 percent of the semiconductor components used worldwide came from the country, currently, it is only 12 percent. The aim here is at least to come back to 30 percent within the current decade.

However, this requires a completely different effort than was previously known. Because to be at the forefront you not only need large plants, you also have to bring the latest process technologies to the start at short intervals. Intel’s roadmap already provides for five major update steps over the next four years. In this way, Gelsinger wants to catch up with the large Asian producers TSMC and Samsung by 2024 and overtake them a year later.

In order for the large investments required for this to ever be brought in again, Intel has to position itself further than before as a contract manufacturer – because in the end the necessary utilization values ​​for the high-end factories cannot be achieved with their own products alone. In the coming years, the US group is likely to bring some new momentum to the entire market.

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