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Trump Signs $2.3 Trillion Corona Relief Fund


U.S. President Donald Trump has finally signed the Corona Relief Bill worth 2.3 trillion US dollars. Trump has earlier exposed the reality of the Corona relief bill, in a speech he discussed the discrepancies in the bill and opposed its spending structure he called it a “disgrace“.

According to reports, President Trump, who had expressed his anger over the defeat in the presidential election, finally signed the bill.

US media say 900 billion will be released under the Corona Relief Bill and loans will be given to small businesses on easy terms. Earlier, US President Donald Trump refused to sign the 900 billion Corona Relief Bill, calling for amendments to the Corona Relief Bill.

Trump’s refusal to sign the Corona Relief Bill was due to unnecessary spending on foreign countries, Donald Trump said the bill contained unnecessary, frivolous things and nothing about Corona. He said he believed no member of Congress had read the 5,000-page bill, which included 1800 dollars per person for illegal immigrants, and that the money was more than the amount received by U.S. citizens.

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