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Twitter Blue will reportedly cost $11 in the App Store, so Musk can avoid Apple fees.

From time to time, we heard rumours that official accounts would be charged for “blue tick.” Elon Musk has made many changes to the platform. Some matters were stuck in between due to the threat of the removal of the Twitter app by Apple from the App Store. But now it’s all resolved, so the latest news is about charging for blue tick. It seems that Elon Musk has found a solution for paying the Apple Store fee.

Elon Musk initially told the staff to charge $8 for Blue Tick. However, it has now been raised to $11. The subscription is available in the App Store, and the user needs to pay $11 every month.

The increase in price will incorporate 30% of Apple’s fee in the first year of the service, which still ensures a payment of $8 to Elon Musk for every person that is willing to pay for the subscription.

Techcrunch reported about the amount to be rounded off from $10.38 to $11 for an even charge on the service subscription.

Musk’s choice to raise Twitter Blue’s price for App Store customers follows Apple’s announcement this week of significant changes to its App Store pricing, which will make it simpler for developers to choose the price they desire for downloads. Some game and app developers intend to use more adaptable pricing options to change prices in response to changing inflation and foreign exchange rates. Apple made it possible for developers to “change pricing at any time” for the greatest flexibility. Maybe this will also give Musk the freedom to change the cost of Twitter Blue in the event that his higher price point in the App Store leads to fewer subscriptions.