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Twitter Direct Voice Message Feature In Works

The popular social media platform Twitter reportedly working on a new feature which will allow users to send voice messages via Direct Messages.

The social media company has informed that it is rolling out the feature in Brazil, India and Japan soon. According to the details, the feature starts rolling out today Wednesday, the feature will be rolled out in phases.

Initially, the company started testing voice messages feature a few months ago, Voice Messages is an extension to the Voice Tweets feature that the company introduced to a select number of Twitter users last year. Users could voice record a post that is up to 140 seconds long and post it as a tweet. The same applies to voice messages where you can send a 140-second voice message to anyone in Direct Message. The Twitter voice message in DM is somewhat similar to WhatsApp voice message if you still have doubts. Let’s take a look at the voice messages feature being rolled out to Twitter users.

Twitter voice direct messages feature

Twitter is working on a new direct voice message feature letting users send voice messages in Direct Messages. The company is rolling out the feature in phases. Currently, users in India, Brazil, and Japan will be able to send voice messages in direct messages. The feature is being tested both on iOS and Android platforms.

How To Send Twitter Direct Vocie Message

Users can open a direct message or start a new one to send a voice message. Tap on the voice recording icon to start recording your message. Once the message is recorded, users have to tap on the icon again to end. Users can also listen to the recording before sending it.

Apple iOS users can also press and hold the voice recording button to start recording a message in direct messages. The iOS app also lets users swipe and release the icon and immediately share the voice message. According to the details, users currently can send a voice message via the iOS and Android app. They can receive and listen to the voice message on the web browser.

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