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Twitter explodes as Nawaz Sharif officially admits that he committed Money Laundering

Nawaz Sharif the Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan officially admitted that he has committed money laundering. In a recent statement on the topic of assets of Nawaz Sharif, the disqualified Prime Minister said ‘Agar Meray Asasay Amdan sa Mutabikat Nahe Rakhtay Tou Tumhein Kya’, this means that ‘Loota Main Nain To Tumhein Kya’.

Twitter exploded after his statement and ‘Loota Main Nain To Tumhein Kya’ became the top Twitter trend. People had many responses to his statement. Let’s look at some of the tweets.





Nawaz Sharif has been in trouble since Panama Case. His journey from Panama scandal to getting dis-qualified has just gone downhill. Now officially making such a statement is totally not okay. As one of the tweets said and we agree that ‘Holding a public office-bound you to held answerable to people of Pakistan, you are not allowed to say that it’s none of your business if my assets are beyond my means.’


So Nawaz Sharif is telling the nation that if he has committed money laundering if he has robbed his own nation, why should it concern the people? What is their business in his assets? Well, being the Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, having one of the biggest parties in the country, being the ruling party in Punjab, we do expect some maturity and sensibility from the leader.

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