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Twitter is Going to Filter Out Abusive Content

Twitter to Filter Abusive Content
On Tuesday 7 February, Twitter announced that they will be installing a system which will protect its users from harassing and abusive content.

As of the rising number of abusive content, Twitter is facing criticisms. This social media network would launch a filtering system which will stop the posting of low-quality and abusive content.

On Twitter’s blog, the VP of Engineering Ed Ho announced, “Making Twitter a safer place is our primary focus.”

Last week, Twitter also introduced a system where people can report targeted harassment. And yesterday, they came up with even a better solution.

Three new features would soon be added. “Stopping the creation of new abusive accounts, bringing forward safer search results, and collapsing potentially abusive or low-quality Tweets”, Ed told in his blog.

While being banned from using Twitter, there are individuals or groups spreading hatred all through social media. Twitter has been suspending such users, and now they are going to monitor if those users try again to sign up with fake IDs.

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Their new feature of safe search will help prevent the abusive content. And the third feature of collapsing the abusive content would even reduce the negative remarks.

“In the days and weeks ahead, we will continue to roll out product changes – some changes will be visible and some less so – and will update you on progress every step of the way.” Ed showed his strong attitude towards a better and friendly Twitter.

Two days earlier, a same sort of announcement was made by the social media giant when Anas Modamani sued Facebook. Officials said that Facebook is working with Google and other organizations to create a system where people would not be able to post of share abusive or fake news.

With a new filtering system being promised to be featured by the big giants, Twitter and Facebook still seem to face some criticisms. If these features were implemented years ago, abusive and fake news like that of Modamani might have never happened.

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