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Bixby Al will take Samsung S8 to a new level

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Artificial intelligence is everything and we’re gradually shifting to a time where having personal assistants would be common. In short, it’s the race of the AI among smartphone manufacturers now. Samsung Galaxy S8 is building a better AI than the best one in the market yet, that is, Google Pixel. SamMobile reports that the Samsung Galaxy S8 rumored Bixby Al assistant launches with seven or eight languages.

The Google Pixel has an assistant that supports two languages which are; English and German. This is confirmed according to Google’s website. Google Assistant is also encrypted in Google Allo app and works on more phones. It supports five languages which are English, German, Hindi, Japanese and Portuguese. One point to be noted here is that users can still make use of Google’s voice search and Google Now with a lot more languages on the pixel phones. However, Google assistant launch gesture turns off when users switch to primary language for example, Urdu, Arabic or Spanish.

Bixby Al plans to be better than Google Pixel

The move to launch Samsung’s own smart Al assistant is important for its growth in Galaxy and Note phones. This is a very crucial moment for Samsung because of its previous mishap with Galaxy S7. Samsung plans to dominate the smartphone market in fierce competition with Apple’s iPhone. Its win with Bixby assistant if outperforms Google’s assistant, Siri and Amazon’s Alexa will make it profitable for the audience.

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Now, this is not the first time Samsung has tried to make an attempt to overpower Google. Samsung hoped to use Google’s voice search tool its own branded S voice app. It introduced software services of its own. Many tech enthusiasts are looking forward to see how well Bixby Al performs in the market in comparison to its established assistants.

Bixby Al is reported to handle payments and control native apps. Along with it the assistant can identify objects and text through the camera app and has its own launch button. Samsung Galaxy S8 will probably launch on March 29 and start sales in mid-April.

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