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Twitter hate speech, will there be an end?

twitter hate speech

Twitter is a popular social network that provides users with the service to send and read 140 character messages called “tweets”. Twitter hate speech has become aggressive and the company is doing its best to control it. It was founded in 2006 and quickly became a favorite of people all around the globe. In fact, Twitter and Facebook are the two popular social media platforms. Twitter promotes freedom of speech but this freedom has come at the cost of user exposure to spam and racial slurs. Hate speech is very common on twitter. Recently, it has been reported that twitter will filter spam and curb hate speech by actively giving the users access to blocking keywords that are offensive and incite hate among the masses.

Twitter hate speech could be controlled

Twitter is working on providing users with enough power to filter and block racial and other forms of hate speech by banning specific keywords. The process works by filtering the newsrefeed where people will see only what they want to see. Selecting the appropriate keywords of offensive and racial slurs, the user will have full control to avoid such stuff. This means that twitter will keep up with its policy of freedom of speech but will also give users the power to avoid content that they deem offensive.

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The social networking site came under heat this month. When Ghost busters star Leslie Jones started tweeting racial and sexist tweets. People began to question twitter policy and the issue of freedom of speech as a right for all. It isn’t the first time celebrities have tweeted offensive content on the internet. Many celebrities have also become a victim of hate speech. Singer Adele quit twitter for a while after reading nasty comments about her newborn baby. Rebecca Black, an American singer became a target of internet trolls who ridiculed her songs and even launched personal attacks.

Twitter has refused to comment on the issue.

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