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Pokemon Go users declining? True or False

Pokemon Go users declining

The users of the game Pokemon Go are declining. The question posed by the new data is that what holds for Niantic with pokemon go users declining? This does not come as shocking news in the gaming industry but is typically bad news for the owner company, Niantic. Data published by Bloomberg suggests that users are getting tired of Pokemon Go resulting in a decline in the gamer base. Over a month of its release and the gaming app as failed to sustain a user base and shows sign that it will decline more in the coming months.

Pokemon Go users declining

Are Pokemon Go users declining or is it a hoax

Pokemon Go introduced reality integrated gaming based on user location which created frenzy in the world of cellular gaming. Data showed that in mid-July the game has 45 million users but now only sustains a user base of 30 million. It is still doing well even with a decrease in the user base. It lands on the first best selling free app on Google Play Store and is the second most popular app in Apple’s App Store. It should be noted that Pokemon Go has not been launched in many parts of the world where it will accumulate potential users. It seems skeptical at the moment to predict anything about the future of Pokemon Go but like all other games there might be a possibility that users will tire out eventually.

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The future of Niantic

Niantic has not given any news or update regarding how it will enhance user experience of Pokemon Go and it seems that the company will eventually fail to keep users hooked on the game for long. Pokemon Go has also come under user criticism because of its heavy battery usage and updates which lags cellular software.

Axiom Capital Management predicts that users of Pokemon Go will decrease more but since, gaming companies measure usage on monthly basis and not daily, the future for the game looks uncertain for now.



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