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Twitter is going to introduce end-to-end encryption for direct messages

As per the app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is working out the end-to-end encryption for direct messages sent via using the social network.

Wong mentioned in a tweet that some signs of work on Twitter for Android were observed. The Tweet was supplemented by the code strings. The code strings signified the reference to encryption keys. Later the Tweet by Wong got a reply from Elon Musk. The reply indicated a winking face emoji. Thus, indicating that the feature is under development.

The introduction of End-to-end encrypted messages would leave the messaging platform of Twitter equivalent to other apps like WhatsApp and Signal. Thus, ensuring that the conversation between the users is protected. The chat is not under surveillance by a third party.

Back in 2018, Twitter started working on End-to-end encryption for Twitter DMs. It was started under the moniker “secret conversations”. But sadly it never got materialized. Previously, Musk has been known as an advocate of privacy-centric encrypted messages. According to him, the top priority is to provide secure communication given the services of the platform.

Some recent developments suggest that the subscription plan of Twitter has been postponed. As per some news, Musk indicated that the $8-per-month subscription plan will be implemented later than the original plan. The Blue Verified Twitter will return by November 29. This step is taken consistence with the assurance of “to make sure that it is rock solid,” as Musk announced via tweet late Tuesday.

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