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Twitter to charge for the Verified Blue badge

It’s been a long us hearing about the Twitter company and Elon Musk. But recently the chaos ended. Elon Musk finally took over Twitter. In accordance with reports, the deal got finalized on Thursday night. As soon as taking the charge, Musk introduced some major changes to the company. The first and foremost he took was the removal of some top officials. These included top executives like and head of legal Vijaya Gadde, CEO Parag Agrawal, and CFO Ned Segal.

As of now, it looks like some other changes are on their way to Twitter. Some of their reports are that the social media platform will now charge the users for a verified blue badge, which could be around $19.99 estimated*.

Well, what can we say about this recent move? What will you do if you are charged for your verified account on Twitter? Will you still consider using the platform or will you back out and shift to other platforms?

The following news was initially uncovered by Casey Newton of Platformer. It says that Musk plans to include the verified blue badge as part of its premium subscription. This step will force Twitter users to sign up for updated services. In other cases, they will lose the verified status of their Twitter account. Given the further information on the said matter, it looks like the prices of Twitter subscriptions will also increase. They are expected to be around $19.99 per month. In this scenario, it could be a major change.

As soon as the new plan is rolled out, the users would be given the freedom to hold their accounts for 90 days. Afterward, they have to pay in order to keep using the services of the platform. Well, if users don’t pay for the services, they will be deprived of their verified badge. Evidently, the workers of the company were told to prepare the feature by November 7. As of now, it’s just one week since Musk took over the company and we are experiencing such huge changes.

Well, we have to wait and watch what is next for the users considering the social media platform Twitter.

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