Twitter is now rebranded as ‘X’

As per the announcement from Twitter’s CEO, Twitter has made a major change today. As per the announcement, the X rebranding is happening, and the term “Twitter” is already in the past. And with that, X has launched, and we have waved goodbye to Twitter.

You can’t say Twitter as it’s now recognized as “X”

This latest amendment to the platform is already rolling out, and it might take some time to reach your platform. We also got a new logo along with a new name, as per the announcement from Twitter’s CEO.

These changes are initially being rolled out on the web version, and for apps on your devices, it might come in the form of an app update, or we can hope for it to be a server-side change.

We can see this amendment as the first step towards Elon Musk’s moto for Twitter: to make it an ‘everything app’. We saw the platform come back in November from a pitfall following many changes. Many of which weren’t as popular.

“Twitter” as a name and its logo are a thing of the past

The cherished Twitter name and emblem are now being phased out in favour of a chilly-looking X logo. Elon Musk reportedly told the company’s staff about the change yesterday as well.

He informed them of the impending shift and stated that his email was the final one to be sent from the domain. During the relaunch, is gaining control.

We anticipate hearing more information on the move throughout the day, maybe from both Elon Musk and the company, but for now, we’ll have to wait and see.

All that is currently visible to us online is the new logo and name change. We can wait for further changes that are yet to come.