Twitter isn’t displaying the links or mentions of Threads

It appears like Elon Musk is really upset about the launch of Threads but perhaps not. Surprisingly, the links and mentions for Threads are not appearing on Twitter. What could be the possible reason behind it? Previously, we have observed a similar situation like this with Mastodon. It was when Musk took over the platform and users begin considering alternative options.

But if you pay to promote a Tweet that includes a link to Threads and mentions Threads, it seems to be acceptable. However, nothing will show on Twitter if a user searches for On the other hand, results do appear when URL: threads net is searched without the period. Well, some users might believe that it could be a bug. However, this is not the case. It kind of appears like a deliberate workaround.

Threads has achieved 100 million users

Amazingly, Threads was successful in breaking the record for the fastest app to hit 100 million active users. The record was previously held by ChatGPT just a month ago. Threads achieved it in just five days. Well, this huge success is attributed to the close integration of Threads with Instagram.

Previously, Musk challenged the Meta CEO to a cage match. After the launch of Threads, the type of contest has been modified by Musk. There is currently no information on when the contest will take place. Meanwhile, Threads lack several features. For this reason, some users are flocking back to Twitter given the fact that Twitter can be sued for searching things. Besides this, Threads lacks an official website, DMs, and other such features. according to the information provided by Adam Mosseri, the Instagram head, the features are on their way.

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