YouTube Music Podcasts will roll out internationally


YouTube Music is all set to replace Google Play Music. Google Play Music is well-known for its podcasts. Now YouTube will follow a similar pattern by introducing podcasts. Some time ago, YouTube introduced the podcasts feature in the US. According to recent information provided by 9to5Google, YouTube Music Podcasts is ready for an international debut.

It’s been two and a half years since Google Play Music shut down. It transitioned into YouTube Music but was not appreciated completely. However, it is still believed to be the best music streaming service. In addition to this, YouTube Music still lacks certain features like selecting and moving several tracks in a playlist.

Podcasts for YouTube Music will roll out globally  

Users can now listen to their podcasts on YouTube Music. The feature is already available to users in the US. At the top of the screen, alongside the other mood chips—such as Energize, Workout, and Relax—you’ll see one for podcasts. You will be directed to a website with a list of the podcasts you have already seen or listened to when you tap on that button. The shows you watched on YouTube will also be on this list.

You will get recommendations alongside your shows, which is to be expected. You’ll first see suggestions for particular episodes of the series. Afterward, you may find a comprehensive list of podcast categories to help you find your new favorite show.

Users can select content from different categories like Arts & Fiction, Science & Technology, Comedy, Society & Culture, Health & Wellness, History, Religion & Spirituality, TV & Film, Sports, True Crime, Gaming, Music, Political Commentary, and Business. The company states that the feature will roll out globally in the upcoming weeks.

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