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Twitter Signed A Deal With Bloomberg To Start Rolling Video News In Twitter

Last week, Twitter’s COO and CFO Anthony Noto revealed plans to start 24/7 video broadcasting on Twitter, while talking to BuzzFeed, Noto said there are many things in the pipeline but we will start rolling video broadcasting soon.

Now, Twitter has started collaborating with Bloomberg a media channel, in order to disseminated video news 24 hours a day.

The live streaming on Twitter will be a combination of original programs on Bloomberg as well as the feeds from bureaus.

Twitter has made this deal exclusively for live video content; it is also pursuing deals with other networks to spread the content via social media.

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This development would help Twitter to engage more audience and compete with other social giants such as Facebook and Google who are already investing huge funds in live videos and generate much of advertising revenue with video content.

Twitter’s Focus Is Live Events

Bloomberg’s chief executive Justin Smith said the video stream would be “broader in focus” than its existing output.

He also added it would build on the habits of many Twitter users who start tweeting as they watch live events.

“Viewers have already embraced a multi-stream experience with live events and marrying those experiences seemed like a very powerful thing to offer to consumers,” he made these comments while talking to Wall Street Journal.

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Twitter is currently focusing more on broadcasting live events, as live events would enable Twitter users to stay connected with Twitter during the event and send live Tweets regarding the event.

Twitter has been building up the live video streaming content from the beginning of 2017, Twitter broadcast about 800 hours of live video. Many of those streams were focused on specific events.

However, both Twitter and Bloomberg haven’t disclosed any details regarding the terms of the deal. The live video streaming would be ad-supported, 24/7 service is likely to be rolling out by the autumn.