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Hackers Hacked And Released 10 Episodes Of TV Show “Orange Is The New Black”

Reportedly malicious hacker has released 10 episodes of new TV Season named “Orange is the New Black”

Hacker reportedly approached Netflix to pay ransom for the leaked videos if they wish it not to be published on the internet, Netflix denied to pay ransom, later all 10 episodes were uploaded across file sharing websites.

The TV show was set to be released on June 9.

Hackers also claimed that they have also stolen some series from other well-known broadcasters National Geographic, Fox and ABC.

Netflix told that they knew the situation: “A production house used by various TV studios had its security compromised and the appropriate law enforcement authorities are involved.”

It is also revealed that the hackers are in this malicious business for a long time now, they were behind the theft previously targeting hospitals and healthcare organizations.

On April 29, the hacker delivered a message on the Pastebin website which intimidated Netflix for not paying the ransom.

It is still not clear how much money was asked by the hackers to keep the TV shows offline. However, computer security news site Databreaches.net  revealed that the evidence shows they also managed to get away with 37 other shows and films.

Stolen shows include XXX: Return of Xander Cage, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Season 1 of Bill Nye Saves the World.


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