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Twitter will soon tell you if you’re shadow-banned

Elon Musk has been modifying the platform constantly. He gained control of Twitter at the end of October, and since then, he has essentially dominated the news. When it came to adjustments, he decided not to wait and implemented many of them. including firing a large number of people and adding new platform features. However, Musk also warned that there would be more changes in the future, so be prepared.

Twitter is currently working on a new user-focused feature: it will be able to tell you if you are shadow-banned. Elon Musk has announced the feature himself.

Twitter will be able to tell you if you’re shadow-banned.

According to information in Musk’s tweet, Twitter is currently working on software updates that will be able to tell you your account status. If you are shadow-banned, the software will clearly notify you, and you will be able to appeal to find out why.

So what basically is “shadow-banned”?

It depends on the platform that has shadow-banned you. Let’s say if you are shadow-banned in the game “Call of Duty,” on that platform you’ll be excluded from the war zone, and most probably they will throw you out with cheaters.

So, what exactly does “shadow-banned on Twitter” mean?

Initially, what we can understand by “shadow-banning is exclusion. Most likely, it can make your account and posts hard to find.

Instagram launched a similar feature recently.

Instagram has recently launched a feature quite similar to this one. This feature on Instagram will tell you if you are being blocked from recommendations. The tool is quite helpful in the case of Instagram, and more related features are yet to come.

In this scenario, we cannot say when the feature will be out, but we can hope to have it soon. So, when it’s launched publicly, we hope for a quite reasonable explanation for the feature, its working criteria, and how it will work on Twitter. as it can vary from platform to platform.

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