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Twitter’s head of safety and content moderation resigned from her position

Twitter’s head of safety and content moderation, Ella Irwan, has resigned from her position. This news has spread like a fire, leaving the audience questioning it. The total period of her designation didn’t even last for a year.

This position was replaced by her last November. Before that, Yoel Roth held the position. But her designation era doesn’t last even for a year, and now that the position is available, we have no clue who’s going to fill it. Although the reason behind the resignation is still unknown, she is somehow holding back from sharing the information.

As per information via resources, we can observe some similarities in circumstances between this resignation and the older one. The provided information is also connected to the freedom of speech agenda that occurred recently in connection with her resignation.

Twitter’s head of safety and content moderation leaves the company following a freedom of speech-related issue

As per the statement given by Elon Musk about his purchase of Twitter, it is all about providing people with a platform for freedom of speech. As for the audience’s point of view, it’s quite ideal to hear, as every user on the platform needs to be heard and have an opinion. As in this whole chaos, there were both groups that were in favor and those who were against the agenda.

Taking back Yoel’s resignation, the explanation given by him was about his fading optimism. If we further elaborate on this point, it’s interconnected with the working style of Elon Musk, who is acting all by himself.

Ella Irwin was firmly on Elon’s side after taking over the team in charge of safety and content monitoring. But she is already leaving Twitter after less than a year in her job there. Internet users are already connecting her resignation to the dispute involving the Daily Wire and Twitter employees.

The Daily Wire team used Twitter to promote their movie “What is a Woman” before it opened. Twitter initially agreed to provide a promotion package for the movie but then changed its mind. The promotion would not go through, they said, and the movie would be marked as having nasty content.

Twitter’s critique of the movie, which explores a woman’s identity, prompted this choice. Twitter claims that the movie misgenders females and transgender people, which is why the platform had to limit its distribution. Elon Musk’s struggle for free expression, which led to his purchase of Twitter, is violated by this conduct.

Is Ella Irwin’s resignation as Twitter’s head of safety and content moderation mostly due to this problem? This assertion is unsupported because it’s possible that both events took place at the same time. However, the topic has generated a lot of discussion online since some claim that Twitter is attempting to censor the opinions of its users.

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