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Developers can now get a Pro tier API package from Twitter

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Twitter is undergoing a lot of changes. Previously, Twitter had restricted academics from using its data or paying $42,000 per month to access it. As of now, Twitter has announced a new package for developers. According to recent information, a Pro tier at the rate of $5,000 per month has been announced by the platform. However, the platform indicates that only a portion of Twitter’s data will be accessible to developers.

It appears like Twitter has been in confusion regarding the access of API to developers and companies. Initially, the platform abandoned free access to its API. Followed by this, Twitter introduced a whopping $42,000 cost for premium customers. In addition to this, a $100 tier plan is also available. However, it doesn’t give access to sufficient data. As of now, the platform has introduced a middle tier for developers.

In accordance with Twitter’s declaration, the Pro tier for developers will grant them access to 1 million retrieved tweets as well as 300,000 posted tweets at the app level. Furthermore, it also includes access to a suite of v2 endpoints, consisting of filtered streams and search. The access to suite of v2 is limited by price. In addition to this, subscribers of this API tier will have three app IDs along with some added perks. The new package by Twitter is appropriate for startups that wish to scale their business.

From a business point of view, a plan costing $5,000 is considerable. The $100 plan grants access to 3,000 Tweets per month at the user level while the app level offers access to 50,000 Tweets. Well, this price can be too expensive for some startups given the economic instability. A Twitter user stated that the Pro tier doesn’t offer enough app IDs for rate-limited functions and is insufficient for international events. The pricing is also too high for the majority of freelancers, according to the users.

Big Tech has been incensed by Twitter’s pricing scheme for its API. Alex Spiro, the attorney for Elon Musk, recently charged Microsoft with breaking Twitter’s data policy by not paying $50,000 a month to use the API.

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