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Uber announces to improve British drivers condition after criticism

Reported from London, famous ride hailing company Uber has decided to improve the working conditions of its British drivers with some changes including in-app tipping, the decision came after a severe criticism the company received from various organizations including lawmakers, unions and activists for not providing the employee rights to the people.

Drivers working for Uber and Deliveroo and other such kinds of apps are not offered with the employment contract that is fixed or carry the benefits of a permanent employee the UK with the progress in technology is becoming gig economy if that continues.

Uber informed on Monday it had spoken to it employees more than 50,000 drivers and held meetings in order to improve their working conditions.

Uber ensured improvements in July after a review by the government, the review emphasized on more rights for employees working for apps like Uber and Deliveroo.

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Uber’s UK General Manager Jo Bertram said, “While drivers have told us they love the freedom of being their own boss, we’ve also clearly heard that we need to make some major improvements.”

The tipping option is a building stone in this development, users will be able to tip drivers using the app rather than just cash, service users will have to pay 20 pence per minute if drivers wait for them after an initial two minutes period. Secondly, the free cancellation period will be cut back to two minutes rather than five minutes.

Uber also ensured to make its rating system fairer and allow drivers to turn down riders which they do not wish to pick up quickly, this will enable them to save time and pick up their next ride faster.