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Uber launches sign language for the deaf


Rarely are big businesses disability friendly. Although the discussion on inclusion is far wide but not many corporations take a proactive stance to integrate handicapped into the normal functioning of the society. But we see Uber being an all inclusive business model. The company as of latest has launched a feature to help people who are audibly challenged.

To pay tribute to National Deaf Awareness Month being commended in the US amid the period of September, Uber has presented another component – basically a smaller than usual course – called Uber Sign Language which instructs a rider or driver how to speak with a deaf individual should they ever be matched with one. It is surely a move to integrate many challenged in our society. Not many people are versed in sign language.

Many services do not cater to the needs of disabled including deaf and mute individuals

The instructional exercise will show individuals fundamental expressions that they will undoubtedly utilize the most while on a Uber, similar to ‘hi’, ‘thank you’, ‘turn left’, ‘turn right’, ‘farewell’.



In any case, this element is just for American individuals as it takes after the example of the ‘American Sign Language’. In any case, it would be extraordinary if Uber influences this a standard to highlight and moves it out to different nations also. As per a 2014 overview, Pakistan alone has more than 300,000 individuals who are deaf and this element would help make driving simple for them.

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