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Google Assistant now comes to Android Tv


Google Assistant is at last accessible on Android TV. It is presently accessible on 4 stages including Android, iOS, Google Home and Android TV. As of now, it is accessible on Nvidia Shield TV control and soon will be accessible for all other Android TV gadgets including Sony Bravia TVs.

Google Assistant for the OS can play many sorts of contents. It can play films, TV shows, YouTube videos, and music. It can likewise play motion pictures and TV shows from Netflix and HBO Now on your command. You can request that it play motion pictures and TV shows by name or you can ask in various ways like “films about climbing Mount Everest” and it will demonstrate to you a rundown of related motion pictures.

Android TV is very similar to Apple TV

It additionally underpins YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, and Pandora. The assistant will make it easier for you to scroll through various entertainment options without much bother.

Applications for Google Assistant takes a shot at it also. It is likewise mindful of your Calendar arrangements and will continue reminding you about the occasions. The Google Assistant is a piece of the product update for Android TV. Try to check for updates in your product upgrade segment. The new upgrade is bound to be helpful in selecting your favorite shows and stumbling on new products.

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