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Uber Returns to Finland After Taxi Market Deregulation

Uber Technologies Inc. re-started its ride-hailing business again in Finland on Wednesday after like a gap of one-year, it informed, that it is looking out for some benefit from the nation’s transportation law modification.

The US firm has been under a lot of pressure from the traditional taxi drivers and regulators throughout the Europe, who accuses Uber of giving unjustified competition and dodging the old-style licensing laws.

Uber was considered legal in Finland provided that the Uber drivers must have valid taxi licenses, however, the company has been under criticism and is being targeted for police investigations and the drivers have been instructed to give up their earnings to the state for not having valid permits.

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A reformation of the transport legislation came into effect on the 1st of July, hence removing a cap on the number of taxi licenses the government allots per year and fare restrictions while making a legal framework for applications like Uber.

The company re-introduced the UberX and UberBLACK services on Wednesday afternoon in the extensive capital region, which includes Vantaa, Kauniainen and Helsinki Espoo.

Joel Jarvinen—the Uber Nordics General Manager in a statement said that the drivers who have been fully licensed in accordance with the new reforms would now be able to assist hundreds of thousands of Finns to get around at just a touch of a button.

He added that they hope that other nations, where local people are not presently able to use applications like Uber either for earning money or for getting around, would soon be following the same steps.

Jarvinen also added that more than a quarter million people in the Helsinki area have opened the Uber app since the month of August even though Uber was not operating.

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