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Netflix more popular than TV, Cable and YouTube—Survey reveals

A new survey conducted by a financial firm Cowen & Co reveals that Netflix has become more popular than any other entertainment medium such as TV, Cable, and YouTube etc. The survey which was conducted among 2,500 US adults, asked people which of the platforms they use the most to watch video content, Netflix spotted the first place by gaining a notable lead of 39.7% of the survey results.

YouTube was the second most popular platform according to the survey results which account for 17% of the results in its favor. The basic Cable came to the third place with 12.6 percent.

The other popular platforms include Hulu with 7.6 percent of votes to top broadcast 7.5 percent by a hair, Amazon prime video got 3.4% of the responses while Premium cable got 3.5%. All the four streaming services listed in the survey got home more than two-thirds of the votes, cable and broadcast combined results were 20%.

The company Cowen & Co has also detached users who are the subscribers of traditional Pay-TV into their own category, the survey found out that basic cable TV jumped to 26% of the vote. However, Netflix’s 24% wasn’t too behind either, even for traditional viewers, Netflix actually came ahead of broadcast 19%.

Cowen analyst John Blackledge said, “Netflix would be able to offer great content in the future and value for viewers in the long-run.”

The streaming company is going to announce its quarterly earnings on July 16 giving shareholders more hopes about the company and their investments. Netflix has also released 452 hours of original content during the second quarter of 2018, a whopping increase of 51% year-on-year basis, however, it was just slightly lower than first quarter when Netflix released 483 hours of original content on their platform.

By looking at the statistics, Netflix is increasing its original content on the platform, which is going to double in the next few years. There are many partners coming to Netflix in order to produce original content, it was also reported this week that Netflix is going to introduce ‘Ultra’ subscription plan in their existing subscription plans.

The company is looking to generate more revenues, offer more features in their services which is getting more and more popular globally. The company has collaborated with several countries globally in order to produce content that is worth watching in their home country including China, India, Pakistan, and some others.

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