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Ubisoft Develops AI Ghostwriter For Dialogues In Games

According to its own statements, the games company Ubisoft is working on an AI-based tool called Ghostwriter, which is given the task of generating dialogues for video games. Supposedly one does not want to make the human authors superfluous but only relieve them.

As Ubisoft recently announced, the company is developing a kind of artificial intelligence that will be used to create dialogues for computer games. The system, dubbed “Ghostwriter,” will be used to use machine learning to create the backbone for dialogue from less-present characters in games.

Human authors should receive suggestions for dialogue

Ghostwriter is intended to allow dialogue writers to choose the type of character they want to create dialogue for and specify what type of interaction they want. The system then automatically generates two variants of possible dialogues, which can then be checked and improved by the actual authors. Ghostwriter should then further optimize the dialogues and deliver better-adapted variants.

Basically, Ubisoft wants to use the tool to ensure that employees can invest more time in more important tasks. We want to save them time-consuming tasks and free up more space to work on more important details of the respective games. The authors should thus be able to concentrate on the main characters, the actual story of the game, or cutscenes instead of wasting time working on the dialogues of background characters.

Ubisoft’s announcement should be a double-edged sword for game fans. On the one hand, losses in the quality of the in-game dialogues are to be feared, as is the change to the ever-increasing use of AI solutions instead of human employees. On the other hand, the AI ​​models could be trained with the hundreds of millions of existing lines of text of various in-game characters to create customized dialogues for new installments of the game series, each with the style appreciated by the fans.

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