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PayPal’s password-less feature is available on Android when accessed through chrome


Passkeys will assist you in escaping the mess that is passwords by eliminating them. Even with support from the FiDO Alliance, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, the adoption of passkeys has lagged. Less than 50 online services have made the essential advancements towards our password-free future, even though practically all major password managers already offer password-less login. Passkeys were quickly adopted by PayPal, although only Apple devices were supported. The payment platform is presenting alterations by introducing passkeys support for Android 9+ handsets in the US, and it will become “more generally available over the coming year.”

PayPal’s password-less feature is now available in mobile website through chrome

The hitch is that passkeys functionality for PayPal’s mobile website is only available when Chrome is used on Android 9.0+ devices.  It’s unfortunate that its Android app has not yet added support for password-less login.  Moreover, for now, only personal PayPal accounts are supported.

Also, because this is a phased rollout, you can only do so if the question arises while using the mobile browser to access the service. Throughout the procedure, you will be required to verify your identity using the fingerprint reader or unlock PIN on your phone.

Passkeys help protect your PayPal account from phishing scams and other hacking threats since they are more secure than standard passwords. You should enable passkey login on your PayPal account as soon as the option appears, given the advantages involved.

With the launch of Chrome 108 in December 2022, Google included passkey integration in its browser. Hence, once you enable password-less sign-in for your PayPal account, it will sync instantly across all of your other connected and supported devices. Once you’ve configured passkeys for your PayPal account, you may log in using biometric authentication on any platform that supports it without having to enter your password.

PayPal is now the only payment system that supports passkey login on all the major platforms, in addition to Android.  Despite the most recent OS release supporting the FiDO standard, there is currently no Windows support.

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