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UK Jobs On The Rise, Deliveroo, Facebook, Google Will Create 3000 Jobs In London

Deliveroo is going to open their new head office in London and said, “They will increase their staff by the 3rd of their current staff”

Deliveroo is a UK based food Delivery Company which was founded back in London 2013, the company has gained widespread popularity and business in merely 4 years’ time. Will Shu founder of Deliveroo says, “The Company is growing every single day”

Deliveroo currently operates with over 13K staff in 130 cities all over the world mainly covering European market including; France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Spain, Italy, Dubai and Honkong.

More Jobs In The UK

The company promises to bring new jobs in London with their new head office, they will hire high-tech people in the company. There is good news for IT professionals in the country who are looking for jobs.

The company reported more than 600% increase in order in the last year. The company mostly employs freelance delivery riders that are not recognized as permanent employees and urging for more worker rights.

Recruitment planning will have more software engineers and algorithm developers. The parent company of Snapchat also announced to open their regional office in London which will create more tech jobs in London. Additionally, Facebook announced to hire 500 people in their London office. On top of all Google has already considered to open a new headquarter in the heart of London, all these developments will create more than 3000 new jobs in London by 2020.

British Born Technology

It looks like the company is looking to start more tech-based startups as the founder Will shu said, “We have founded this company in London, from here we will export British born technology over the world”.

deliveroo                          Will Shu right, Image via BBC

Deliveroo has seen an immense growth in the last couple of years regardless of their £18.1m loss in 2015.

Deliveroo founders also received an award “Best startup founders” in 2016. Which made them more popular amongst investors. However, history tells us more than 80% of the startups failed in their first 3 years of launch.

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Deliveroo is continuously receiving funding in A, B, C and D series, £2.75 million, $25 million, $70 million and $100 Million respectively. Major investment rolled in through Index investors, Hoxton Ventures and Angel Investors.



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