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UK Satellite will make Movies from Space

A UK satellite has gone into an orbit on an Indian rocket. The aim of the satellite is to capture a video of the surface of the Earth that is full-colored and HD. It is expected that this satellite will pave the path for almost 15 more spacecraft. They will be operated by Earth-i, a Guildford-based company

The small cheap UK operation is one of the 31 payloads traveling on the Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. It started from Satish Dhawan spaceport which is in Andhra Pradesh. The first contact with Uk satellite was made within a couple of hours as per the plan.

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Currently, the spacecraft is in pre-production phase. If it goes well, its manufacturer, will continue with Earth-i’s first batch of five operational spacecraft. The contract for this was signed in the month of November.

Vivid-I will be the first to provide full color high definition video. Now short videos from the orbit have been taken before as well but on such huge level. The satellite will circle earth at 505km altitude. The demonstrator has this skill to point and look at a specific location. It can take a snap and make a video of two minutes.

Earth-i CEO Richard Blain said, “We can collect up to 50 frames per second which is a lot of information. That allows us to stack the individual images and increase our effective resolution, achieving somewhere around 65cm to 75cm.”

Now through this researchers can easily see objects moving like bikes, cars, ships. Analysts can then take this data to understand and monitor traffic flow in different areas. The key goal of Earth-I is to re-visit locations and find changes in real-time. A market of space data is possible if you have many spacecraft all the time passing overhead.

Recently another scientific discovery was made according to which there is water not just available on Mars, but it is easily accessible there.