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UK To Block Huawei in 5G Core Parts And Restrict in Non-core Parts

According to the security sources in the UK, the country will block Huawei from developing core-parts in 5G infrastructure and only allow the Chinese manufacturer to non-core parts in 5G infrastructure development, the access to non-core parts will also be restricted Reuters reported.

Earlier, the United Kingdom gave a green signal to the Chinese manufacturer for developing 5G infrastructure in the UK, however, security officials were still concerned about the access and authorization.

Huawei, on the other hand, assured full support to address all the security concerns UK had, but the recent report raises more questions about the meetings UK security authorities and Huawei had for the last few months.

With excessive control and restrictions, Huawei might not be able to close the deal with the UK but if the restrictions are purely for security purposes and are inevitable for the national security then Huawei may take on with it. Huawei has not yet responded to the story; we will be able to get some statements from Huawei about the 5G development in the UK in the coming days.

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