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Samsung To Supply 5G Modems To Apple in 2020


Apple has settled its dispute with Qualcomm quite recently with some industry experts arguing that Qualcomm has won this case, which reflects in their shares soaring, some argue that Apple is the winner in this case which is completely debatable.

Whoever, the real winner in this case, but both the companies will benefit each other in the future, Apple has secured its next-generation products with Qualcomm supplying 5G modems in order to improve their performance.

Apple also has secured plan-B for it, according to the report by Apple’s analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will look for another supplier after Qualcomm, and the choice is most likely the South Korean giant Samsung.

It is also speculated that Apple is coming with dual strategy in the future for 5G phones, similar to Huawei and Samsung Apple might come up with different iPhones including high-end and budget phones. Obviously, for that Apple need a second supplier which can help in reducing unit costs.

Apple is likely to use two suppliers simultaneously, Qualcomm for high-end devices and Samsung for budget iPhones. Apple is not likely to launch 5G smartphones in 2019 when there is enough time for 5G expansion which could reach masses in the next couple of years. Kuo, believes that Apple would launch its 5G devices in 2020 when there is abundant 5G adoption in the market which could help Apple selling more devices in the market.

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