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Ukraine Blamed Russia For The Recent Ransomware Cyber Attacks

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Ukraine has vociferously said in a shrill tone that Russia was behind all these recent WannaCry Ransomware Petya global attacks. Ukraine has blamed Russian security agencies were involved in this attack.

Ukraine’s state security agency SBU said it on Saturday when the attack entered Ukraine and then spread across the world till Tuesday, according to SBU this attack was done by the same hackers who previously attacked Ukraine’s National Power Grid In December, 2016.

Ukrainian officials started playing the blame game without even understanding the rules, Moscow’s spokesman called it a “blanked statement” and dismissed it.

The cyber security analysts are still figuring out who was actually behind the attacks and what was the origin of this attack. Some cyber experts, Kaspersky sees it as “NotPetya” whereas Symantec doubt it as “Petya”.

Maersk the global shipping company including others were among the most affected multinational companies in this attack, Ukraine as country was the most affected country in this attack, could be another reason to suspect Russians because of long hauled rift between two countries.

But Ukrainian security department was speaking with confidence, SBU analyzed the data available from various cyber security firms and said, “this gives us the reason to believe that the same hacking group in involved in this recent attack who previously targeted Ukrainian energy sector, using TeleBots and BlackEnergy.”

“This proves Russian involvement in the attack” Said SBU

SBU also made a statement one day earlier on Friday, “We have confiscated equipment belonged to Russian agents in May and June, in order to launch cyber-attacks on Ukraine and rest of the world.

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There were quite a few cyber-attacks on Ukraine previously, in December Ukraine’s state energy computer was taken down which caused power cut in the northern part of country’s capital.

Similar attacks were conducted in 2015 and 2016. BlackEnergy Trojan was used in those attacks which were delivered via spear-phising.

BlackEnergy attack was also blamed on Russian aligned hackers, but Putin, Russian President refused to acknowledge this accusation.

Russia is not involved in any cyber hacking activities; it doesn’t need to do this. But I am not aware of any patriotic Russians who might be doing this on their own.

“Hackers are free people like artists, who wake up in the morning and start painting in a mood, this could be with Russian’s patriots as well, they might wake up in the morning and see the news and bad statements about Russia, it is fairly enough to break them out, and they can fight for the country in this way.” Patin said

US media has been blaming Russia’s electronic and hacking involvement in US presidential elections is another blame of Russia which has no solid clarification yet. During last week, NATO said, “They are in a process of adding one more domain into the national security, Air, Land, Water are already well-known security domains of any country but Cyber could also be added as a new domain.

Previously, Microsoft confirmed the attacks were initially started from Ukraine based tax accounting software MEDoc. There was a long debate on the statement from Microsoft in News and Media but Russian authorities did not immediately responded to the allegations at that time.