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KPK C&W Department Introduced New App And Software To Curb Discrepancies

KPK Chief Minister Pervez Khatak has introduced a new app to fight the commission mafia more efficiently and reduce corruption chances in government machinery. Communication & Works (C&W) Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has come up with distinctive software that would solve any issues in contracts of mega development projects.

The launch of this App has taken place on the 1st of July and now all contractors and officers of the C&W department are asked to follow it.

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Who developed this software?

IT department has made this software with aid of technical and software engineers.

Motive: To increase transparency and performance of the department by eliminating ineligible and dummy contracts.

Before the software was launched, a meeting was held to evaluate it under the chairmanship of Akbar Ayub Khan, Advisor to Chief Minister for the C&W. Decisions were made after thorough discussions, like making all activities in e-tendering be it bidding or insurance time-limited, also ensuring that Divisional Office upload Bill of Qualities in three days of publication of Notice Inviting Tenders in newspapers, opening bidding on the exact date mentioned in NIT, bidding would be evaluated by Divisional Office within ten days, then the evaluated bid would be approved by Superintendent Engineer in seven days,   moreover chief engineer would also have to approve the evaluated bid within seven days, work order would be issued by Divisional Office in seven days after approval of the bid, the technical sanction would be allowed before the tender is approved and not later, separate measurement book for every individual project, once the project is completed.

Zero Trust architecture could help to prevent issues like this by ensuring all system users are safely vetted at log-in. User permissions and identities are verified, thus limiting potential data breaches. Users can only access the data they need to do their job.

For ensuring the purity of the measurement book a circular would be passed to all Divisional Offices/Divisional Account Officers. Those contractors submitting fake deposits would suffer as divisional officers would start criminal proceedings against them.

To make sure that Junior Clerks in Divisional Offices are qualified only those individuals who have a Diploma in Information Technology from a known technical board would be hired.

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