Umashankar Thyagarajan caused the Intel Modem venture to halt


Intel’s choice to abandon 5G modems may have run connected at the hip with Apple’s détente with Qualcomm, yet it’s currently clear there were insights of a move weeks sooner. The Telegraph has discovered that Apple poached Intel’s 5G telephone modem pioneer, Umashankar Thyagarajan, in February. While the takeoff itself was definitely not a total mystery (Thyagarajan’s LinkedIn profile affirms the switch), the news outlet professes to have email demonstrating that the ex-chief was the venture engineer for the XMM 8160 chip at the core of Intel’s arrangements. He additionally “assumed a key job” making the Intel modems utilized in the iPhone XS and XR.

Neither Apple nor Intel has remarked on the report. It’s likewise not clear precisely what Thyagarajan is doing in his new job (he portrays it exclusively as “Architect” in his LinkedIn bio), albeit wireless chipset design is the in all likelihood clarification given his experience.

Apple hasn’t been bashful about its expectations to make its own cell chipsets. The organization has been enrolling important ability for some time and ventured to such an extreme as to extend its essence in San Diego in a move deciphered as an endeavor to enlist Qualcomm staff. Notwithstanding, Thyagarajan’s contract is an especially immense upset for Apple – it demonstrates the organization is resolved to eat up top-level ability as it begins on cell equipment, including individuals from its past accomplices.

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Image via Hardware Zone