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Understanding Online Shopping in Saudi Arabia

Online shopping has become ubiquitous in most parts of the world since the technology that supports it, including faster internet speeds, has become available. With the enactment of the new eCommerce law in Saudi Arabia in 2019, the government developed a robust eCommerce sector open to both local and international businesses. Despite this, online shopping in KSA remains largely misunderstood. For those interested in online shopping in Saudi Arabia, here is what you need to know.

Availability of Online Stores

There are hundreds if not thousands of online stores that sell to those living in the KSA. Many of these are well-known international brands like Amazon and AliExpress, but there are also local businesses doing so like Noon. These online stores are available through their respective websites and apps.

While many people still do their online shopping on eCommerce websites, the number of people who do so on apps has been increasing in recent years and is expected to keep increasing, presenting an opportunity for those who would like to differentiate themselves by shopping on mobile. Some of the notable names in this space include Noon, Namshi, and Jollychic.

Use of Coupon Codes

Like in most countries in the world, the use of coupons and discount codes is also very common in Saudi Arabia. There are even dedicated platforms that help you access the latest coupon codes from local, Middle Eastern, and international businesses and brands.

These platforms can help you save up to 75% on select products such as mobile devices, although you can also get sizable discounts in other categories such as clothing, baby, health and fitness, travel, and more.

Apart from the massive discounts they make available to you, many of these platforms and apps also provide other features you may be interested in. For example, the Almowafir app allows you to see seasonal offers, special deals, and special gifts that are discounted on the app.

Additionally, you can see sales that are happening on international eCommerce platforms. For example, you can find information on ongoing AliExpress sales 2022 on both the Almowafir website and its app. This helps you save a lot of money whether you are buying small quantities or in bulk.

Improvements in Digital Payment Systems

One of the most common hindrances to eCommerce in many countries around the world is the lack of digital payment systems. According to Arab News, the sophistication of digital payment methods not only in Saudi Arabia but the whole of the Middle East is leading to more people feeling empowered to shop online, and this is what has led to more than 209 million people shopping online in the region since March 2020.

Merchants have taken note of this and are allowing locals to use local payment options, even if they are anchored in traditional payment options like Mastercard and Visa. There are also eCommerce businesses providing bespoke payment options like the Mashreq Credit Card provided by Noon. All of these advancements are thought to be beyond the boom in e-commerce and online shopping in Saudi Arabia and the larger Middle East. The government, payment processors, and businesses are all working in their own ways to simplify and improve online shopping in Saudi Arabia. This has resulted in a lot more people embracing buying online not only in the KSA but in the larger Middle East.

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