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Unexpected Dense Fog Engulfs Karachi Today

A change of weather in Karachi is always embraced with open arms. Any windy, cloudy, rainy or foggy weather in the biggest city of Pakistan is quite welcoming.

So today the Karachiites woke up to an amazing dense fog engulfing the whole city. It was quite a pleasant surprise for all.

The fog is quite intense in the city and as the reports go the flights have been delayed, canceled and diverted because of the fog. The visibility factor gets affected due to foggy weather, thus the flights have been canceled or delayed today.

The weather forecast for Karachi is 30°C. The weather is partly cloudy with foggy atmosphere. The visibility is low of 160m and 50% humidity is forecasted.

As the fog has engulfed the City of Lights, people have taken out their phones and camera to capture the rare moment. They have shared their thoughts and excitement on Twitter and other social media platforms. Most of the people have admitted that they have never seen a fog like this in Karachi. Let’s see what the people are saying.




As informed via this tweet, the road to Karachi University is immersed in dense fog.

This one is having visibility issues today as the unexpected weather surprises everyone inhabitting in Karachi.

Yes, we hope that too. Do enjoy the weather but safety comes first, so drive with care as visibility will be for sure poor today.




It is pertinent to mention here that this is not the first time weather has surprised Karachiites in this winter season.

Just a couple of months ago hailstorm was witnessed in Karachi after four years. DHA, Clifton, I. I. Chundrigar Road, Shara-e-Faisal, and Malir saw the first winter rain along with hailstorm in the mid of December. Windy weather and downpours were also seen in Kharadar, Saddar, North Nazimabad and neighboring areas.

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