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Unionized workers allege that Amazon violated labor regulations

Amazon is facing some real trouble from unionized workers. The unionized workers of Amazon have been joined by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Reportedly, the company is accused of making new changes to policies without prior consultation. The outraged workers claim that these policies are aimed at making unionization efforts ineffective.

As per recent information, NLRB will take the company to court. Filings have been recorded against the said complaint. It is evident from the filings that the company has broken some major labor laws. The decision or action from the court is still pending. NLRB has used the company’s CEO statement for strengthening the case. However, the statement used was made at some point in 2022. Despite this, the statement is a reflection of the company’s take on unionized workers.

Only Staten Island’s unionization efforts have been successful despite the US possessing hundreds of warehouses. The warehouse workers lobbied for this in an effort to improve their working conditions and receive other advantages. However, the workers’ employers have openly opposed this attempt to organize a union since they do not want the workers to do so.

In an effort to disapprove the formation of unions or workers joining an existing union, the company has made some changes to its policies. In addition to this, the company has also laid off two staff members that were associated with a union. More specifically, the policy considered here is the paid leave for COVID-19 cases. The company introduced this policy to assist its workers given the drastic effects of COVID-19 in the US. The policy granted COVID-19-positive cases with up to two weeks’ leave to recover.

Before making changes to the paid-leave policy the company has not consulted with the workers. It might be an effort to disregard the union and its opinions. Given this situation, it has been claimed by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) claims that the company has violated labor laws. Furthermore, the statement by CEO used for this case states that union workers might feel less empowered at work. It has been used by federal bodies, union workers, and Amazon unionized workers as a solid argument. In the coming weeks, we will likely hear more on this case.

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