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The CEO of T-Mobile recommends tech executives return to their offices

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T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert made an interesting observation about the culture of working from home during the Technology Alliance’s annual State of Technology luncheon. More than 700 attendees from a variety of industries responded strongly to this comment in the audience. Leaders in the tech sector were given stern and direct counsel during his speech, advising them to “get back to the offices.”

Well, in case you don’t know about the position of CEO of T-Mobile let us inform you that he is also a member of the Challenge Seattle CEO group. This group consists of 22 CEOs of Seattle’s largest employers. Its mandate is to make sure that the region flourishes in different business sectors.

Its time to ditch work-from-home

During COVID-19, we observed changes in the work style. Companies and businesses adopt work from home strategy during the deadly pandemic. After vaccines arrived, workers returned to their offices. Companies like T-Mobile and other Seattle firms welcomed the workers after the pandemic.

Irrespective of this situation, Mike Sievert comments that workers are now less interested in returning to offices. It seems like they have become sue to the Work from home schedule. According to Sievert, the younger generation is more interested in returning to offices. In contrast, the old and experienced personnel are avoiding returning.

In this case, the younger generation of workers will face difficulty in learning new things. They won’t get the proper training and mentorship. The most suitable choice for such a generation of workers is definitely the older generation with tons of experience.

Additionally, more personnel are required on the ground for security reasons. During his address, Mike Sievert makes a similar point, crime, and absence from the office. For these reasons, T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert wants all employees to return to work.

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