US Comedian Jeremy McLellan Supports Pindi Boys On Centaurus Entry Ticket Issue

US Comedian Jeremy McLellan came for a short visit to Pakistan and then he went back to his home country America. The question is did he really went back? Physically yes, mentally no.

His heart still cries and laugh with the Pindi Boyz of Pakistan and when the biggest Mall in Islamabad Centaurus started charging Rs500 for entry of every single male, the US comedian could feel their pain like his own.

On a Facebook post he expressed his agony for Pindi Boyz like this:

As the United States Ambassador to the Pindi Boyz, it has been brought to my attention that Centaurus Mall in Islamabad is now charging 500 PKR to any young man who tries to enter with a group. This is 100% discrimination against my people and I call on both local authorities and the United Nations to investigate this matter so that Pindi Boyz can once again roam the halls of Centaurus as free men. Thank you.

Also, the comedian had the solution for catering with the boys harassing the girls in the Mall. In a comment, he said that all Pindi girls should have pepper spray with them if they encounter any harassment.

Was it the effect of this post or some other pressure but the management of Centaurus has reverted back to the normal practice and are not taking Rs500 from any boys now, specifically Pindi Boys. The Ambassador of Pindi Boys would be glad to hear this news.

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